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Building dynamic React forms

When I decided to develop an app for connecting people similar to you, I encountered some significant challenges. The app needed to feature different categories of groups, such as sports, music, and travel. Within each category, users had to fill out a distinct form, and I aimed to design them to resemble those of Typeform.

Creating scroll-triggered animations in React

At the first company I worked on I was asked to do something that looked impossible at first. They wanted a website unlike any other, with complex animations that seamlessly unfold as the user scroll. I didn't refuse to do it, though. I decided to take the chance and that's how Animate Screen was created.

Avoiding the complexities of the canvas element

Whenever I used the HTML5 canvas element there were some complexities that I had to deal with. I had to define how to draw the graphical elements, compute their coordinates, and manage the way the user interacted with them. That was not easy at all and there were some things that I had to do over and over again.